I Had Braces But My Wisdom Teeth Have Caused Them To Relapse. How Much Would It Cost To Fix The Top Set?

Hi Adam,

I was having a look through your website and was hoping you could make a recommendation for me. I had braces as a teenager, which left me with perfectly straight teeth. But due to my wisdom teeth coming through, this has pushed my molars forward and caused my front 4 teeth to squint. Is there a particular version of your product that could work best to straighten my teeth and also would you have an idea on cost? It would only be my upper set. Many thanks, I hope you can help me with this and I look forward to your reply.

Hi. Invisalign should be able to correct this, as sounds like a relapse. There are 3 Invisalign products available but which one you require depends on the severity of the ‘squint’ you describe. I’d suggest a consultation so that we can review your smile and give you an exact product choice, costing and time frame. I hope this answers you question and that you can work toward your goal of maintaining a healthy smile. Regards, Adam Thorne.
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