I’m using Invisalign and just found out that I’m pregnant, will I have to stop treatment?

Hello Dr Kumar. I was just wondering if you could please advise me with something? I have been undergoing the invisalign treatment for a few months now and found out that i am pregnant. I haven’t had chance to speak to my orthodontist yet, I’m due to see him next week but frightened he’s going to tell me that i have to stop treatment. Can being pregnant affect the way the braces work? I’ve read chances of gum disease occurring is heightened during this time so maybe it isn’t a good idea to keep the aligners in? Any advice would be great, would just love a heads up before i visit him. Thanks!
Hi and thank you for your question. Firstly let mee say congratulations!
Being pregnant means morning sickness and some bleeding gums.
So long as you can clean better then Invisalign does not need to be stopped. I have many patients that are pregnant during the process. I hope this helps, kind regards Dr R Kumar BDSLDSRCS
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