Is My Aligner Supposed To Be Slightly Loose?

Hi Doctor, I have a little problem that I don’t want to leave to chance in case it hinders my whole treatment. Basically, I don’t think my aligners are fitting properly, the first time I received my set they really hurt and I was consistently feeling them, so they didn’t give up hurting till i received my new set. Now my new set feels a little loose and there’s no strain whatsoever, I don’t feel any pressure…nothing. Is this normal? My orthodontist asked if they fit okay, which I thought they did,,,but in comparison with my first set I’m not entirely sure. Can you please advise me? Thank you!
Hi, thank you very much for your question. Honestly, as you can imagine it’s hard to give you advice without seeing you and your aligners I would advise you to see your dentist if you are not sure. There should be little or no space between your teeth and the aligners.
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