Will My Wisdom Teeth Affect My Treatment?

I began the invisalign treatment a few months ago but my wisdom teeth have started to erupt. My dentist has said one of them has to be removed because of how it’s growing. So with this in mind, I’m really worried that it’s going to affect my treatment. It was going so well and I feel it’s all going to go wrong now. Can you please try and ease these fears for me? I’m due to see my orthodontist in 2 weeks but frightened about what he’s going to tell me.
Hello, thank you for your enquiry. In many cases, wisdom teeth are not a concern. However they may need to be removed if they are erupting and causing pain. It’s definitely a good idea to get a second opinion from your orthodontist as they are obviously aware of your treatment progress and will have a better idea of how the wisdom teeth could affect treatment. Don’t worry about what he’s going to say though, and good luck! 
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