Can Invisalign Fix My Daughters Rotated Canine Tooth?

Hello Dr Patel, I am interested and very attracted to the idea of invisalign for my daughter, instead of fixed, metal bracket braces. My daughter is only 17 and has unfortunately crooked teeth but is otherwise very beautiful and currently doing some modelling work. We believe she could go far in this career but she will need to have her teeth sorted. We would like to have this done with invisible braces or even braces that can be removed like invisalign. However, one of her canine teeth on the lower set it rotated almost 45 degrees, can this be fixed through invisalign and can she get them free on the NHS?
Hello and thank you for your question. Invisalign and discreet braces are private treatments severely rotated teeth can be treated by invisalign but sometimes it is better to wear a fixed brace for a short period to correct this. Lingual braces are also available which are very discreet.I hope this helps!
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