I am unhappy with my Invisalign dentist. Can I stitch to another?

I’ve had invisalign for the past 3 months. When I went to my dentist, I told him that I was not happy with the gaps in my lower teeth. He told me that the only was to fix them was with braces. When I went in to get my aligners I had the buttons put on by his assistant. She had little experience and messed them up so the Dr had to redo them all! Also, he never gave me an explanation of my treatment, he didn’t tell me how long my treatment was, why it was so long (2 years), and he didn’t tell me why I had to wear rubberbands. When I go in for my 6 week visits I have only seen his assistant. Is this normal? Can I switch dentists?
Dear Sir/Madam,
The problems that you have highlighted are not very common place.
Most dentists will tell their patients if they are having spaces,how long the treatment will take and will place the attachments themselves.
If you are having many spaces at the front at an early stage, then you may have been given Invisalign lite.The gaps were created for Invisalign to possibly close.
To change your dentist and start again then you will have to ask for a full refund so that you can pay enough to start with a new dentist.
I’m sure assistants, if they are nurses are not allowed to place attachments
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