I’m Worried My Teenage Daughter Won’t Wear Her Aligners Properly. What Do You Suggest?


My daughter turns 15 next April, and our family dentist has made suggestions that she might need braces on both her lower and upper teeth. Obviously she’s at that age where looks mean everything to her and she’s very self-conscious about what people at school might think or say to her. The dentist did mention Invisalign and it does seem like that’s the one she wants to go for but it’s going to cost me a lot of money as I’ve been told they are not available on the NHS. I’d be happy knowing that she was comfortable at school but then I’m concerned that she’ll take the aligners out when I’m not around and obviously that would be a waste of my money. What is your suggestion? Thank you.

Hello, thank you for sending your question to me. There’s a way that the Invisalign aligners for teenagers can be monitored, so that you can see if the braces have been worn correctly via indicators on the aligners. The only drawback with this is that you’ll only be able to monitor the wear of the aligners once you’ve already committed to the treatment. The best advice I can be would be to sit down with your daughter and discuss the braces honestly with each other. Inform her that it’s going to cost you and that the aligners are monitored. I do think Invisalign is a great treatment for teenagers with orthodontic issues and I’ve never witnessed any compliance problems with teenagers undergoing the treatment. Good luck to you and your daughter!
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