Is It Bad to Wear Aligners at Night?

Hi. I would really like to have Invisalign treatment, they sound by far the best of all the braces I’ve been reading up on, but I’m worried about wearing them during the night. I’ve heard that wearing aligners when you’re asleep is really bad for your oral health and can cause plaque to build up.I’m hoping it’s just a horror story with no truth in it and obviously I would keep my teeth and aligners clean. But before I go ahead with this I’d just like to double check with an expert like your good selves. 
Hello, thanks for getting in touch. If you’re aligners and teeth are clean before going to bed, wearing them during the night should bear no issue at all. It might be a good idea whilst you’re having the treatment to visit a dental hygienist more frequently, and using fluoride mouthwash is a must. Another good thing to do is to reduce the amount of sugary food and refined carbohydrates that you eat during the treatment to keep your oral health at an excellent standard. All the best with the treatment! – Darren Cannell 
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