How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign, therefore, already has some major advantages over conventional braces simply through its design. Suddenly, everything that makes conventional brackets so uncomfortable has disappeared. The wires, the elastics, and the brackets are all replaced by a suite of minimalist plastic aligners. The streamlined design of Invisalign is both simpler to work with and more aesthetically pleasing.

The key to the Invisalign system is that it is designed entirely with the customer in mind. Through a combination of X-rays and photography, your dentist will build up a ‘photofit’ of your teeth and jaw structure. He then transfers these images to the Invisalign laboratory where a highly-trained technician, working closely with your dentist, will develop a computer-generated model of how you want your teeth and your smile to look. By using advanced computer packages, they can evaluate different scenarios and ensure that your teeth are being moved in the most efficient way, to the ideal positions.

Therefore, you can see before the treatment begins where you teeth will move to and how your smile will look after the treatment. That gives a lot of patients the reassurance they need before they commit to the cost of the full procedure.

Once you and your dentist are both happy that the computer-generated model is showing the right results for you, your dentist will commission the production of the transparent aligners. The aligners, therefore, are designed and built specifically for you and to the exact specification agreed with your dentist. So you can simply look forward to the results.