What are the advantages?

The Invisalign method of treatment offers patients who choose it a number of significant advantages.


We’ve already mentioned in our section on Timescales that Invisalign, on average, cuts treatment times. But it is worth emphasising that one of the most important aspects of the Invisalign experience is that the aligners are designed to provide as little disruption as possible to the everyday life of the patients wearing them. Because Invisalign works so effectively, therefore, it is not only faster – it also means that you spend considerably less time in the dentist’s chair during the course of the treatment.


This is probably the primary reason why most people choose Invisalign and it is another example of how this product is designed to minimise disruption to everyday life. Invisalign aligners are made of thin, discrete and transparent plastic, so they are barely visible while you are wearing them. It’s a huge contrast with conventional braces, where the metal brackets are virtually the first thing that people notice when the meet you.


Finally, conventional braces also cause disruption to your everyday life because they can be so uncomfortable. Conventional braces are fixed, so it can make it difficult to chew and food can easily get trapped around your braces, brackets, elastics and wires. Also, your dentist has to tighten the braces on a regular basis, to ensure that they are still moving the teeth effectively. This can be uncomfortable – not to mention the inconvenience of so much time spent in the dentist’s chair.

Invisalign aligners are not fixed, they are removable. Therefore, you can take them out to eat and to clean which makes life a whole lot easier. The plastic aligners do not require the use of brackets, wires and elastics, so the less complex mechanism is much easier to look after and more comfortable to wear. Finally, you don’t need your aligners adjusting. They come pre-prepared and designed specifically for you – so when you need to exert new pressure on your teeth, you simply upgrade to the next aligner in your own, personalised set.