Is the Inman Aligner a better option?

As orthodontic work becomes more common, more patients are looking for fast, simple solutions that give their teeth a cosmetic lift. These are not necessarily patients with chronic orthodontic problems. They are simply people who want to straighten some crooked teeth with the minimum of fuss and the minimum of disruption to their everyday life.

For these sorts of patients, the Invisalign programme often appeals because it is invisible, removable and comfortable to wear. However, if it is purely a cosmetic change to the smile that a patient needs, the Inman Aligner could be the more appropriate treatment.

Like the 6 Month Smile system, the Inman Aligner is a short-term orthodontic treatment that concentrates on getting visible results, fast. It only moves the teeth that are visible when you smile, so it is not appropriate for people with more serious orthodontic requirements.

However, whereas the 6 Month Smile requires a fixed bracket and elastics, the Inman Aligner uses its own unique mechanism, consisting of a coiled spring and metal bar across the teeth. It applies constant pressure to the teeth and therefore gets results very quickly – often, patients can see a visible difference in 4-6 weeks.

The Inman Aligner is therefore removable, fast and cost-effective, which is why many patients see it as a viable alternative to the Invisalign system. One major difference with the Inman Aligner however, is something we’ve already mentioned: the metal bar across the teeth.

Invisalign is discrete because it uses thin, transparent aligners that are barely visible when you wear them. The Inman Aligner, on the other hand, sacrifices some of these aesthetic qualities for speed of treatment. It is more visible; but it also works much faster.

Once again, it is important to remember that a product like the Inman Aligner will only work for some patients who require mild corrections. In fact, it is often recommended by dentists for patients whose previous orthdontic work has relapsed – the Inman Aligner is often a comfortable, cost-effective way to return teeth to their preferred positions.